Dennis V. Zapirkine.
Transputer Researching and Controlling System.

    This project main task is to create a program complex for comfortable usage of  parallel and distributed networks in control systems research and synthesys. Our complex called TRCS (Transputer Researching and Controlling System). The main idea of our work for user-researcher based on:
    User works with good-understandable conception of object-oriented software. For example, if user able to create model of object and to synthesise control law, there is no problem to him or her to run TRCS program, that activates parallel program running. It is clear that user can have no any knowlege in parallel programming for use this application.
    The base conception of TRCS is independance to any mathematical simulation system, that gives model description. Now our work is based on Matlab.
    The usage of computation and simulation software for dynamic systems, for example Simulink for Matlab, is starting point of our complex work. Our program transformates outgoing data from simulation software for futher interpretation onto parallel language program, that translates into executable program.
    TRCS parallelisation on parallel/distributed machines has principal points:

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