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The department prepares engineers and experts in the field of development, design, investigation and trials of intelligent control systems for technological process and flying object monitoring on the base of up-to-date mathematical techniques, modern information technologies computer aids and instruments.
    Having obtained the qualification "Engineer in the field of Automatic Control Systems", the graduates of the Department work on creation of algorithms an program packages dedicated to solving information processing and control tasks together with different types of hardware tools including multi-processor and multi-transputer networks, neural networks technology and signal processors. Modern CAD technologies, software packages and stands for simulation and modeling are applied by professors of the Department for educational and research purposes. The fundamental background gained by graduates allowed them to develop automatic control systems not only for technological purposes but also for Economy, Ecology, Medicine, and other fields of science.

The Department was established in 1948 by outstanding scientist in the field of automatic by Professor Vladimir V. Solodovnikov. Since then the department have being on the forefront of control science. From simple control systems up to sophisticated manufacturing and space complexes that is the range of the graduates, among whom academicians and doctors of sciences, chief engineers of large enterprises, eminent statesmen, chiefs of relational departments of leading state universities. Al professors of the department are highly qualified professionals. The results of their scientific and educational activities are generalized in the great number of monographs and tutorials, among them multi-volume monograph "Technical Cybernetics", prized with State Award. Nowadays 4 professors (doctors of technical sciences) and 21 senior lecturers (candidates of technical sciences) are involved in educational process.

The Chief of the department is Merited Worker of Russian Federation, Member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, - Konstantin A. Pupkov.

Recent achievements in the field of applied mathematics, microelectronics and computer aids allow to make a step to the creation of conceptually new generation of information processing and control systems intelligent systems. In this connection the new trends in training of engineers are the following:

Fundamental courses in mathematics, physics, theoretical mechanics, control theory, system analysis and information technology are covered by the curriculum.

Possessing this theoretical knowledge,  the graduates can develop complicated mathematical models of process or technical system under investigation and design information processing and control algorithms. Fundamental background in the applied sciences programming languages (including concurrent programming and system programming) concepts of multi-processor information processing and control systems, and elements of hardware: up-to-date processors and transputers makes it possible for graduates to develop and design modern digital micro - controllers for industrial purposes. The outstanding task in training specialists is to provide them with necessary knowledge in the fields of modern information technologies, soft- and hardware complexes for investigation and design of intelligent control systems.

The graduates of the Department are employed by the wide range of state institutions and private enterprises, among them Russian Academy of Sciences, aeronautic and space corporation "Energia" (the "Energy"), leading commercial banks "Menatep", "State Bank of Russia", private enterprises "Rosno", "Bee-Line", "Belcom".

The Department possesses the wide range of foreign relations with universities of Great Britain, United States of America, Bulgaria, South Korea where students pass through probation and get Ph.D. or Master degrees.

If you dream of scientific career and want to develop prospectus control systems for technology, medicine, ecology, economy, if you intent to posses the perfect knowledge of up-to-date hard- and software, your only choice is the Department "Intelligent systems for dynamic process control".

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IC-1 ("Automatic Control Systems") department

Russian Federation, 107005,
Moscow, 2nd Baumanskaya str., b. 5,
Bauman MSTU, IC-1 department
Phone: (095) 263-6323



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