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Automatic control systems department

(space objects and flying vecicle)

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Automatic control systems department (IC-1)

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Konferentions and meetings

XIII International simposium
"Intellectual systems"
22-24 october 2018

11-я Russian Multi-Conference
on automatic control
2-4 октября 2018 г.


Automatic control systems department (IC-1)
Russian Federation, 105005,
2nd Baumanskaya st. 5,
Bauman MSTU,
NUK IU, IC-1 department (6nd floor)
Phone: +7 (499) 263-63-23


Ivan Kayutin,
Alexander Bobkov
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Common information

The Head of the Department is Mikrin Evgeny Anatolyevich, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, General Designer of RSC Energia after them. S.P. Koroleva, General Designer of Manned Space Programs of the Russian Federation.

The department was founded in 1948 by an outstanding scientist in the field of automation, Professor Vladimir Viktorovich Solodovnikov and firmly occupies a leading place in the development of the theory and methods of management.

The department trains engineers (as a graduating department) on the specialty "Aircraft control systems"


Who is preparing the department

The IU1 department trains specialists who are able to solve the most complex problems of the theory and practices of automatic control, including such high-tech areas in the field of rocket and space technology, such as:

  • development and research of ballistic and cruise missiles, manned and unmanned spacecraft motion control systems;
  • development and research of control systems for orientation and stabilization of rockets and spacecraft.

The department trains engineers (as a graduating department) in the specialty "Aircraft Control Systems" in 5 student groups at 4 faculties of BMSTU:

  • 1) at the Faculty of the Informatics Institute "Computer Science and Management Systems" (2 groups are issued);
  • 2)at the faculty of JSC "Aerospace" (1 group is issued, the base of scientific and engineering practice in OAO NPO Mashinostroyenia, Reutov, Moscow Region);
  • 3) at the faculty of the PS "Instrument-making" (1 group is issued, the base of the practice of TsENKI, Moscow, Aviamotornaya St.);
  • 4) at the faculty RKT "Rocket-space technology" (1 group is issued, the base of practice - RSC Energia, Korolev, Moscow region).


Where do our graduates work

The range of work after graduation from the University is very wide among the graduates of the department - these are the largest state organizations, aerospace enterprises:

  • RSC Energia them. S.P. Korolev,
  • FSUE NPO them. S.A. Lavochkina,
  • MIC JSC "NPO Mashinostroenia",
  • RNII TsPK them. Yu. A. Gagarin,
  • Scientific institutions of the Russian Academy of Sciences


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